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Renton's COVID-19 Response

Safety is our number one priority at Renton. Please read below for our current COVID Policies and Procedures.

Effective March 12, 2022

Updated COVID Policies
Effective March 12, 2022

We have continued to track multiple data points of the COVID pandemic in the city, county and state. In particular we are tracking protocols, responses and unfortunately outbreaks in other rowing and athletic organizations.

Our team of advisors which include medical doctors, COVID researchers and public health specialists have briefed us on the behavior and seriousness of the Alpha and Delta variants of COVID as well as “long-covid”. They are in full support of the following updated RRC COVID protocols which are now being implemented in response to the spread of the Delta Variant.

  • Indoor Training: Indoor training in the boat bays is permissible, on the condition that all front doors, main bay doors, and side bay doors are open fully for maximum airflow. Athletes must remain socially distanced by the recommended 10 feet or more. Indoor training in any the upstairs rooms or back storage areas is not permitted.

  • Masks: Masks are strongly encouraged per CDC recommendations, but not required inside or outside the boathouse.

  • Health Monitoring: Each athlete must answer a set of health questions daily upon arrival at the boathouse. If a coach determines that the athlete is displaying symptoms based on their answers, the athlete will not be permitted to participate in practice.

  • Contact Tracing: Athletes must also fill out a virtual sign-in form when they arrive at the boathouse with their full name, date, arrival and departure time.

  • Vaccinations: Vaccinated athletes may row in team boats with other vaccinated athletes. Unvaccinated athletes may only row in singles, or in doubles with one other person to form a “Double Bubble.” Unvaccinated youth athletes who wish to form a Double Bubble must express written approval from the parent or guardian of each athlete.

Vaccinated athletes may opt out of team boats, or choose to form a Double Bubble if this is more suited to their comfort level.

If you are not currently vaccinated but plan to be in the future, you may only row in singles or in a Double Bubble until 2 weeks after receiving your final vaccination shot. After this period, you will be permitted to row in team boats.

Information on getting vaccinated is here.

How to Record Your Vaccination Status with RRC

We offer two ways to record your vaccination status with the RRC. You can submit a signed waiver / attestation form or provide a copy of your vaccine card. Either of those documents can be returned to the office via paper copy in the mailbox upstairs, given to a staff member, or emailed to the Program Director. Many of our members have already submitted this documentation to the office or coaching staff. You do not need to resubmit.