Middle School Rowing

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Middle school athletes row anywhere from 1-4 day a week. Learning to row on ergometers and on the water in sweep and sculling boats. We work on building a fitness base through land and water workouts while also having fun!

2020 Seasons for Middle School

Winter Season Part 2: January 6th- February 14th

Spring Season: February 24th- May 14th

Summer Season: June 22nd- July 31st

Fall Season: September 8th- October 30th

Winter Season Part 1: November 9th- December 16th

Rowing is a year round sport, we have Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer seasons. Rowing is a great sport to do year round, or an awesome way to stay in shape in-between seasonal sports.


Head Coach: Sienna Mathes

Contact via email: sienna@rentonrowingcenter.org

Assistant Coach: Johnathan Romano

Renton Rowing Center

1060 Nishiwaki Lane, Renton, WA 98058

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