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Stargate Sg1 Stagione 7 Ita Torrent [2022-Latest]




The seventh season also marks the last season featuring main cast members Mark Kinsey, Thomas Jane, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, and Corin Nemec. The opening sequence of the seventh season, which depicts the events of the first season finale, is an homage to the opening of the original series (see DVD box set opening sequence). This sequence, however, begins much earlier in the events of Season 7. Contents Season 7 consists of 22 episodes. The episodes were filmed between February and March 2003, and were broadcast on June 13, 2003. The season begins with SG-1 returning to Earth after the events of the first season finale. They are greeted by a welcoming committee consisting of Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major General Hank Landry, and an elderly Dr. Daniel Jackson. As they leave, they are joined by new additions to the team, Dr. Samantha Carter and Lt. Colonel Jack Sheppard, the team having been reassigned by Hank Landry to investigate the disappearance of an object of unknown origin which is believed to be a top-secret military spaceship. Soon after arriving on Earth, SG-1 begins investigating the location of the object at the suggestion of a friend, Jack O'Neill's late father. They discover the device was placed on the moon's surface by an Asurans-like alien race who are searching for a lost sect of people who may be living among the local humans. The crew's investigation leads them to a secret Asuran base on Earth, where they discover that the Asurans are close to constructing a spaceship to return to their home planet. The spaceship is a functional stargate, capable of beaming the Asurans home. SG-1, however, discovers that the Asurans do not want to return to their home planet; they wish to remain here on Earth. O'Neill suspects that this is the reason for the Asuran presence in the United States. The aliens have developed a fear of the human form of the "Biomolecular Recycler", a device that destroys organic matter. SG-1 attempts to destroy the device, only to learn that the device is the key to the Asurans' plans to go home. However, the team is unable to destroy it, and the Asurans are able to use it to flee Earth. As SG-1 attempts to stop them, Jack is captured by the aliens and is placed in a stasis chamber.




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Stargate Sg1 Stagione 7 Ita Torrent [2022-Latest]
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