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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership questions

Do I need a membership to row with masters’ classes?

  • If you are registering for the novice team (your first quarter after completing a Learn to Row class), you do not need a full membership. After that, when you register for the Adult Team, you do need a full membership.

How do I register for classes and/or membership? Which class should I register for?


Equipment questions

How do I know which boats I can row?

  • Your coach will let you know what you are rowing at each practice. In order to row boats on your own, you must get a safety clearance from Kent McCleary, the sculling coach/safety chairperson (see safety FAQs below)

Do we have to wipe down the boats after use?

  • Yes!  Also, be sure to tie down any of the boats on the outside rack after use.

Who do I report needed equipment repairs to?

  • Report equipment issues to the operations manager (Kate Berni)

When are the ergs/fitness facility available for use?

  • You may use the ergs/fitness facility any time they are not being used for a class.  Be sure to wipe down the ergs (especially seat, handle, rail) after each use.


Safety questions

Where do I get a float test?

  • You should be able to get a float test from any certified life guard. A float test should be done every 3 years.

Should I wear a PFD? If so, where can I get one?

  • You are required to wear a personal flotation device any time you are out in a boat without a coaching launch.  It is wise to wear one even if you are out with a launch.. There are many places to purchase these; one of the smallest and least cumbersome can be purchased from Amazon (M-16 inflatable belt pack).

Can I come row any time?

  • In order to row without a coach present, you must get a safety clearance from Kent McClearly. Even then, the general rule is “4 oars on the water.” If you go out in a single, you should have a partner with you. Any boat larger than a double requires a coaches’ launch for safety. Any time you go out without a coache’s launch, you must use the logbook to sign out and in.  You must be familiar with the WWETT safety protocol.


Contact questions

Who should I call with questions?

  • You may call anyone on the RRC roster that you will be given. In addition, you will be given one or two names who are willing to be mentors that you can call for any questions.


Miscellaneous questions

What should I wear?

  • You should wear comfortable clothing, that you can easily move in. Synthetic material is preferable to cotton, as it won’t hinder your movement as much if it gets wet. Be sure not to have pockets on your shirt at your waist area (such as on a hoodie) because your thumbs can get caught in that when you are sculling.  Wool socks will keep your feet warm even if they are wet. It is wise to wear a hat with a brim, because of glare on the water; you can always pull a beanie on over it for warmth. Always wear highly visible clothing; remember you are low in the water, and you want to be seen by other boaters.

Do I need to let someone know if I will not be at practice?

  • That depends on the coach – each one has a different preference. It is always advisable to let someone know if you are running late, so that boat lineups will include you if you are a few minutes late.

On which sites can I check weather for the RRC boathouse?

What volunteer hours are required?

  • All members are required to volunteer for at least 10 hours per year at the boathouse. This can include work party days, serving on a committee, helping out adult rowers in Learn to Row, completing jobs on the Operations Manager’s to-do list, etc.

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