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Safety at Renton Rowing Center

Safety Policies and Protocols

Safety is our number one priority here at RRC. As part of our commitment to safety, we want all of our athletes, parents, and community members to be aware of our policies surrounding safety and on and off the water. Included below are several documents which outline our policies, protocols, and disciplinary measures.

It is our policy to provide an environment free of any forms of bullying, hazing, harassment (including sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct and sexual misconduct. This policy is designed to avert, identify, and address at the earliest level, any of the above forms of misconduct, as soon as possible and achieve an appropriate resolution to any allegation of misconduct. Also included in this policy is an outline of disciplinary rules, procedures, and how to report a violation of these policies.

This handbook outlines everything youth athletes and their families need to know about rowing with the RRC youth program, from day-to-day expectations to scholarship information. This handbook also includes our Code of Conduct, which outlines our policies surrounding misconduct prevention and response for youth athletes specifically.

Our combined Youth/Adult Athlete Manual contains everything and anything athletes rowing at RRC may be curious about, including safety guidelines on when to stay off the water, how to self-rescue in the event of a flipped or swamped boat, a glossary of rowing terminology, and lots more. Reviewal and acknowledgment of the policies and procedures outlined in this manual is required upon registration for adult members, and is strongly encouraged for youth athletes and families.

Reporting Methods

Any observances or knowledge of misconduct, abuse, harassment, or other violations of our Athlete Protection Policies must be reported to RRC. Reports are kept strictly confidential. If you need to make a report on behalf of yourself or someone else, you can do so in a number of ways:

  • Notify a coach, the Executive Director, or Board member in person

  • Email a written report to a coach, the Executive Director, or Board member

  • If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please complete an Incident Report and submit the form to the locked mailbox next to the Coaches' Office, or mail a copy to us (PO Box 877, Renton, WA 98057)

Board members' contact information can be found here. Staff contact information can be found here.

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