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A Trailer to Go the Distance

The current RRC trailer: a welded-together safety launch trailer stands as the base; seventeen cans of blue spray paint cover the added metal bars, wood, and duct tape; loading it sometimes requires screws and pool noodles; if you can master strapping boats to the trailer you’ll be half-way to an engineering degree.

In a regatta parking lot filled with rows of fifty foot long trailers stacked high with boats and oars evenly placed on racks, their sides adorned with team logos on cleanly painted metal, the Renton Rowing Center trailer sticks out like a sore thumb.

But, sore thumb or not, our trailer has weathered three trips to the Northwest Junior Regionals Championships, carried our equipment to all of our travel regattas, and given RRC the ability to branch out. Without it we wouldn’t be the same today. From the thirteen juniors who helped paint it in the parking lot, to the last spring season when we had too many boats to fit, the odd-ball trailer has served a great purpose. As Renton Rowing enters its fifth year, the trailer has reached capacity. Raising $50,000 through Evening on the Docks would give Renton Rowing Center access to a new level rowing by accessing more travel regattas and being able to transport more boats.

Rowing for Renton makes me keenly aware of the privilege that often surrounds this sport: in a boathouse that teaches us to be grateful for the things we have access to, our program is truly unique. Every rower that passes through Renton is given an amazing opportunity to learn not only the art of rowing, but also an even more valuable lesson of working to push past what you are given.

Help us get to our fundraising goal by joining us for the 5th Annual Evening on the Docks at Renton Rowing Center on Saturday, July 27th. Reserve your seats today!

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