• Adult Learn to Row

    Adult Learn to Row (LTR) is a class series designed for adults of all ages who have less than three months of rowing experience. It is composed of two classes: LTR Sweep and LTR Sculling. In order to join our masters program you must have completed both of these classes or get permission from the RRC Program Director. During COVID-19 LTR Sweep has been suspended and so the requirement has been waived. For more information on LTR Sweep and Sculling continue below.


    April, May, June, July, August, September

  • Learn to Row Sweep

    Sweep rowing is a discipline of rowing in which each rower has one oar.  Sweep rowing happens in pairs, fours, or eights.


    In this class you will learn the basics of the rowing stroke on the rowing machine before learning how to row on the water. On the water we will begin in large boats, including a barge. 

    You will learn not only the basics of how to row but also boat handling and safety!


  • Learn to Row Sculling

    Sculling is a discipline of rowing in which each rower has two oars. You'll see sculling in singles, doubles, and quads.

    This class will teach the basic rowing stroke on the rowing machine and then on the water. During COVID-19 all rowing is happening in single boats which includes Learn to Row. You will start in open water single boats which are more stable. 

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